The Marley Coffee Story

Passion. Inspiration. Transformation. These three words anchor everything that the Marley name represents. It's the way Bob Marley lived his life and also the way his son, Rohan does, as the founder of Marley Coffee. Bob's calling was music. Rohan's is coffee. Music and coffee are both enjoyed by tens of millions of people. So when they're created, produced and made available through this simple yet powerful philosophy, they have the ability to make real impact, worldwide.

Marley Coffee founded by Rohan MarleyBeyond the fact that coffee reaches so many people, another reason Rohan chose this path was that his father always had a dream of one day returning to the farm. It's very much a part of the family's heritage and fundamental to its core values. Following a successful career as a pro-athlete, Rohan made a personal pilgrimage to Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee and also the Rastafari movement. Immediately following that visit, he diligently went about learning everything he could regarding sustainable coffee farming and production. He then decided to buy a coffee farm that had been neglected for many years in the preeminent Blue Mountain region of Jamaica. Partnering with that area's most reputable coffee farming and production experts, as well as with those in other regions of the world — most notably, Ethiopia — Rohan founded Marley Coffee.

Coffee, like music, is one of those huge and everyday things that almost everyone consumes. When it's really good quality, it inspires and moves you. With Marley Coffee, it also allows you to make a real difference in the world—because of its commitment of being deeply involved in giving back to the community.

It has also kept its commitment of being deeply involved in giving back to the community through its involvement with the Marley family's prominent 1Love.org initiatives. With every purchase of Marley Coffee, you too help the flame burn brighter.

Passion. Inspiration. Transformation. One sip at a time. One love.
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